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Paintings in lipstick

The brave little lion

Every now and then, one of the stories in the avalanche of bad news gets to me. It was like that with Pinky Mosiane, the murdered toddlers in Diepsloot, and […]

Hospital Paintings

I’ve painted in some interesting places, but this is the first time I’ve turned a hospital bed into an art studio. A preeclampsia scare saw me spend the past week […]

Nine months

Last year, just before we travelled to New York, I painted nine paintings inspired by my pregnancy. My idea was to try and find a gallery, so I had all […]

The Crazy Cow

I need to link to an image of the crazy cow I painted for my divorsary in 2013, so here’s a post two years out of date. November 6 has […]

The Annunciation

One of the most enduring themes in religious art is The Annunciation. A favourite of Gothic and Renaissance painters, it gave them an excuse to contrast the bling of the […]