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My launch with Range Rover

Looking at the art

None of the Pulse of the City art would exist without Land Rover, the brand which quite literally inspired it. So it was only appropriate that I should hold a media launch for the exhibition with them. The highlight of the evening was getting to hand over a new painting to Roland Reid, Land Rover’s marketing director and the man who inspired all of this. It’s a painting of a red-leaved rock fig clinging to a cliff in the Waterberg, a part of the world we both love.

Sarah Britten and Roland Reid

Mam Khanyi of Home of Hope – the NGO to which I donate a portion of my sales – spoke movingly about the work she does. She’s so proud of the girls who are doing so well at university, and she’s doing so much to make sure that not every member of the so-called Lost Generation is lost.

Mam Khanyi

Exhibiting my work is nervewracking – what if everyone hates it? What if it doesn’t sell? – so it was relief that the response was as positive as it was. Some R17,000 worth of art was reserved on the night, a good sign. At the beginning of this year I’d pretty much given up all hope of ever selling anything, so I have come a long way.

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