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Those 2 drama degrees occasionally come in handy

Here’s a shot taken by Chris Yelland at my second launch, for friends and family, at Velo. This is me giving explaining how all this art came about. (Naturally I have a bit of a wine flush going on – a very annoying side effect of being so damn pale). I had to wait to get mic’ed up by a crew from China Central Television but once I got going I got into the swing of things. Though I look more Russian than anything else (give me a glass or two and I can do a pretty good Russian accent), I do use my hands like an Italian:

Sarah speaking at launch number 2

I have two drama degrees from Wits University, and regularly see some of my classmates in the evenings, mainly because they’re in some of our local soapies. I do miss the stage and one of the things I keep saying I’ll get around to doing is standup comedy, long an ambition of mine. In fact, having a solo art exhibition was never something I imagined I’d ever do back when I was a student, so it’s ironic I’ve managed to tick that item on the bucket list, but not the one that involves getting back into the spotlight and making people laugh.

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