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I’m giving away most of my paintings

Before the end of the year, I aim to give away most of my art collection.  There are lots of good reasons for this.

  1. I already have a lot of my own art in my home – more than I have space for.
  2. I’d much rather know my work is on display and giving pleasure to someone than gathering dust in a corner.
  3. I don’t have the emotional energy to go through the process of trying to find people prepared to part with money for something I’ve created.  Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.
  4. Many of the pieces are large, and not everyone has that kind of space.

Over the course of the next week or so, I’ll be posting what’s available along with links to any stories behind the work. The available work includes wildlife, cattle, Johannesburg cityscapes, political themes and more personal work. Sizes range from A3 to A1.

Most of it is mounted and ready to be framed.

These are examples of what’s available:

Akabeko, the Japanese cow. Size: A1


The Red Elephant Size: A1
Black Swan Size: A2
The Firepool. All panels are A1, available separately

This is only a small selection. I’ll be posting everything so you can see exactly what I have. If you’re interested in giving a good home to one of my pieces, you can find me either on Facebook or Twitter, or mail me at sarahjbritten [at]

If you live outside of Johannesburg, and you really would like a piece, we can make a plan. If you would feel better about the exchange if you paid something, it would be great if you made a donation to your favourite charity.

33 thoughts on “I’m giving away most of my paintings

  1. Hi Sarah. I’d love one of your paintings. I’m in the Jhb area next weekend. Could collect after 4pm next Sat or Sunday.

  2. I’d love to own one of your paintings Sarah and will happily donate to a charity. Will wait to see one of your Nguni cows 🙂

  3. I want one too! Will happily pay/donate. I’m a fan of Jozi, wildlife and the personal stuff! Oh and also birds. Look forward to hearing more (please tag me on Twitter if you feel inclined, so I don’t miss them)

  4. I’d absolutely love one of your pieces❤ I’d be more than happy to make a donation to FORA or CLAW

  5. Always been a fan of original, eclectic artworks…I’d be proud to display your works on my walls. Love “The Red Elephant”…

  6. I really take my hat of to you for making this decision. I think if people see your lovely artwork on a beautiful wall they’d ask “who is that” and you’ll get future sales. Don’t give up as you have an amazing talent! I would LOVE any one of your paintings for my new house!

  7. I would love to give one of your pieces to my mom, she loves elephants. And I will make a donation to Friends of Free Wildlife.

    1. Hi Gina! I’m waiting on a friend who has more of my work in storage, so I’ll let you know as soon as he’s got everything. But you are on my list.

  8. Hi Sarah, I hope I’m not too late, just returned from a few days away.I have long admired your work and it would complement my “collection” perfectly. I am a regular donor to Pug Rescue but in this instance I’d prefer to give to Prem Baby Support – do you have a preferred charity in that area?

    1. Hello! No, you are not too late. I’ll add you to my list and let you know what I have in stock. I don’t have a preferred cause, so you are welcome to make your choice x

  9. Hi Sarah, I only saw this now… Hope I’m not too late? I absolutely love your work, and would hugely treasure it. I like the notation of paying it forward as others have suggested, so in return I will make a donation to POWA.

    1. Hi Dave, I’d be very happy to give you one of my paintings. I’ll go through the list and check what’s available. Are you based in Joburg? Let me know when’s convenient for you to collect.

          1. Hi Dave, could you give me an indication of what kind of size you would like? And what kind of theme? I am waiting for my signed prints to arrive and I can’t remember how many I had made, which is why this has been a slower process than I would have ideally liked. (Having a hectically busy period at work hasn’t helped either!)

          2. Hi Sarah, would absolutely love an Nguni, or maybe an elephant? Or a rhino? I have lots of space (will make more if its huge! Haha)

  10. Your work is amazing. If there is still a painting available, I would love one. Especially if it is a Joburg scenery one, but I’m not too fussed

  11. I really enjoy your art and would be really proud to display one in my home. I have some wall space left as I just love collecting all types of art. I am in Joburg. If you have one spare I would be most honoured. Gary

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