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Paintings in lipstick


Commissions are something I love – there are few things more fulfilling than working with clients to personalise the work. Typically I’ll include anything meaningful to the recipient of the art: text, poetry, a message, the names of streets significant in that person’s life. And if you identify with a specific animal, I will include that too. (The animal I identify with, for example, is the Bateleur eagle.)

This is an example of a work commissioned by a mother for a little girl’s first birthday. The idea is that as she grows up with the work, she will see something new in it every time she looks at it.

Painting for Sofia
For Sofia

The city in this painting is gentle and warm, as it might be on a spring afternoon: a city in which a little girl might grow up feeling safe and loved.

To commission work, contact me at or find me on Twitter @Anatinus


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