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21 things I love about Col’Cacchio

I’ve been a fan of Col’Cacchio and their super-gourmet pizzas for years, so when they announced their 21st birthday competition, I knew I had to enter. More than that, I knew I had to do the obvious thing: paint a pizza. In lipstick.

I’ve covered it with 21 hearts, one for each year of their birthday. In each heart, I’ve written a word I associate with them, from the Green Genie (which is my absolute favourite on the menu, to the point of obsession), through the names of friends I’ve shared Col’Cacchio experiences with, menu items like sangria and Nutella pizza, and the little things I love – like pizza for breakfast, and the box, and the menu.

I created this pizza with brown, white and red lipstick, then dusted it with gold eyeshadow powder, and wrote into the hearts with a stylus. This is how the pizza was created, from drawing the outline of a plate to get a nice circle, then gradually adding in the detail:


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