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Paintings in lipstick

#JoziTweetArt needs a good home

Two months ago I ran a campaign called #JoziTweetArt inviting people to tweet about Johannesburg. The idea was that I’d collect the tweets, write them into one of my works […]

The Red Light District

This new painting of the Hillbrow Tower, completed this evening, is unusual in that it’s the first time I’ve included a structure other than a building in my cityscapes. But […]

Two new towers

The Tower of Babel is probably my most popular piece on exhibition and I could have sold it several times over. So I thought I’d explore the theme further, and […]

The Cityscape Series

The cityscapes are paintings not so much of Johannesburg itself but how I feel about the place where I have spent most of my life. I’m a child of the […]


Of all the work up at the Pulse of the City exhibition, this is probably the most personally significant to me. The Swimming at Night paintings come close, but as […]

My exhibition next month

Next month my exhibition opens at Velo on Juta Street in Braamfontein. Many of the works on this site (but not all) will be on show. If you’re around and […]