Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

I made my mark

I often change my avatar, and frequently use my art on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Because the mark on my left thumb is purple, and I use a lot […]

Freedom Day

Sometimes it’s much easier for me to articulate my feelings about an event in art rather than words, and Freedom Day is one of them. Most of the commemoration around […]

Painting Madiba

This year I’ve done several paintings inspired by Madiba. On Sunday, I painted this to commemorate his burial. On Monday, I painted him inside the form of the secretary bird […]

Marikana: never again

Friday 16 August was the anniversary of the Marikana massacre in which a total of 44 people died, 34 of them shot by the police. Marikana, with its hopelessly entangled […]

Freedom Day

I often paint political themes, and on the occasion of Freedom Day, I thought I’d draw up a quick sketch. 19 years ago I voted in South Africa’s first democratic […]