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Sarah Britten avatarMy name is Sarah Britten. I work in a somewhat unusual medium: lipstick. (Yes, really.) I started working with it in 2002 and it remained a hobby for several years. It was only when I became involved with a Range Rover campaign in late 2010 that I began to paint cityscapes. This is the first lipstick cityscape I ever painted, for Land Rover’s marketing manager Roland Reid:

First CityscapeLipstick is wonderful to work with: the colours are extraordinary and it’s possible to write into the paint to reveal the white board beneath. This allows me to imbue the work with layers of meaning. Ideally each work should grab the viewer on an emotional level at first viewing, and then slowly reveal itself on each subsequent examination. The idea is that the viewer will see something different every time he or she looks at the work.

Have a look around, and keep coming back to see the new work I’ve uploaded. I’m always experimenting, exploring new themes and pushing the medium to see what works.

The Gold Bull
The Gold Bull


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  1. i am the proud owner of a bull against the skyline of Johannesburg which I bought for a ridiculously low price at Odd cafe in Greenside. I was convinced they had made a mistake with the pricing. I am very happy with my Sarah Britten Original.

  2. Neat

    Found your site searching for using lipstick as and art medium. . .
    But some obvious practical questions….
    How colorfast is it over long periods of time?
    Does it remain soft and sticky? or maybe dry up and crumble away over several years, or can you touch it eventually without getting it all over the place?
    Do oils or moisture affect the paper?
    What kinds (brands-styles) work best?

    1. Hi Martino
      Paintings dating from 2002 have retained their colour well. The only time I’ve seen fading is from paintings exposed to direct afternoon sunlight.
      Drying times depend on the moisture content of the lipstick, but eventually, it all dries to a point where the texture is reminiscent of chalk pastel. (This is if I’m using Triplex. On a medium that absorbs moisture/ oil, it behaves differently.)
      You can touch it eventually, and it stands up to quite a lot of abuse, though it will scratch if stored carelessly.
      Paper absorbs the oil, which is why I prefer thick shiny cardboard (Triplex).
      In terms of brands, I have no specific preferences.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Hello Sarah – was directed to your website by an article I read on a friend, Gaynor Young’s blog, and adore your work. I would like to find out sizes and prices of some of the work. I do notice you have a section on commissions – perhaps this might be the avenue to go. Please let me know how to make further contact. Tx Fiona

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