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Paintings in lipstick

Painting Black Caviar in lipstick

Black Caviar in lipstick

Black Caviar in lipstick

My favourite Australian is a horse. Black Caviar is an unbeaten champion and today she takes on the world at Royal Ascot. Because I’ve been in the middle of finalising work for next month’s exhibition, because I saw @blackcaviar2006 in my timeline, we’re both girls and yes, because her silks are salmon pink (and I never get to use salmon pink), I decided to have a go at painting her.

Here are three different examples. I’m used to drawing racehorses using chalk pastel so using lipstick was quite an adjustment for me, forcing me to be much looser and sketchier. Black Caviar’s sire and dam and all the races she has won are written ┬áinto the paint surrounding her.

I took the precaution of writing “Diamond Jubillee Stakes into every one of these works. I’m hoping that’s good karma for Ascot today.
Black Caviar III

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