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Paintings in lipstick

How I started painting hearts

Yes, it’s unbelievably girly I know. But I like painting hearts. The first time I ever attempted a heart was after I got dumped by a post-divorce boyfriend. I was very mature about it; no tears; I even insisted on an exit interview to understand why it had gone wrong – but the anger and sense of failure inevitably crept in through the gaps I’d forgotten to block off completely. So I painted hearts like this in order to feel better:

A fine romance
A fine romance

That first heart lead to ¬†others, like these. Both of them include the words “Love is dopamine”. (I reserve my cynical side for hearts.)

Cracked heart

Love is dopamine

Now I’m about to launch a new art exhibition/ campaign for Women’s Month, one that focuses entirely on hearts. It’ll be exhibited in another Johannesburg restaurant/ art space with the aim of raising funds for Home of Hope. The hearts makes a change from cityscapes. More about that soon – watch this space.


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