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Paintings in lipstick

The practicalities of painting with lipstick

Dying Rose
Dying Rose I

What are the chances that someone who paints with lipstick would have a makeup remover wipes brand as a client? Clearly me and TLC facial wipes were a match made in heaven.

Because I apply the lipstick directly to the board and then work it with my fingers, it’s incredibly messy and invariably everything ends up covered in lipstick stains. I use makeup remover wipes to remove marks from the board as well as wipe my hands before washing them. (The Deep Cleanse 3 in 1 wipes with chamomile are my favourite.) The wipes are also very useful for working at the surface of the paint and introducing interesting new patterns. I used them in this work – currently on exhibition at Velo in Braamfontein – to create the floating figure and desaturate the colour:


Because I try to recycle material as far as possible – I try to get the board I paint on from ad agencies who use it to mount layouts to show clients – I also save the wipes once I’ve used them to remove mascara and use them in my painting.

Who would have thought that facial wipes could be used to create art?



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