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The Bride Price

This painting is for the Laywers Against Abuse Charity Art Auction which takes place on September 16 at Stephen Welz and Co in Rosebank. Last year we held the very first LvA auction in Parkmore in late November  (you can read all about the pieces I created for it here). The title, “The Bride Price” is a reference to the practice of lobola. Traditionally, prospective bridegrooms paid for their future wives in the form of cattle. The text quoted in this piece refers to the names of the cattle traditionally given to the bride’s father, as well as quotes from academic texts.

I thought that lobola, with its complex links to gender relations and culture, was a good subject for an NGO which focuses on making the justice system work for the victims of gender-based violence. And of course, it’s the perfect excuse to paint one of my favourite subjects.

Here is the cow in the process of being created:




The cat (who has walked all over my paintings before) had a go at this one too.


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