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Paintings in lipstick

The Judgemental Cow

I am a judgemental cow. I don’t mean to be, but I catch myself at it all the time, and I’ve been meaning to paint a judgemental cow for some time. Today I am in a bad mood – thanks to insomnia, as usual – and I needed a break from PowerPoint, so it was an excuse to get around to it. ┬áThis is a Friesian as opposed to my usual Nguni, surrounded by statements like “Cow bitch slut whore” and “I can’t believe she thinks she can wear white paints” and “Shame, she has thick ankles.”

I’ve kept the paint loose and ragged for a restless, unsettled feeling. I haven’t photographed the work in the best lights, so the colours here aren’t quite a reflection of what it looks like in reality, but it’s close enough.



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