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Paintings in lipstick

I will not be afraid of the dark

This is the first of a new series which I’ll be launching in time for 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women and Children (this is what I did last year). In the mean time, I’m composing a blog post about the growing trade in lion bones, and I will be using this painting to illustrate it.

I used black eyeliner for the outline, black and red lipstick for the background colour, and a ball point pen for the writing and final details of the whiskers. To lighten the colour, I used a makeup remover wipe and an earbud.

I wanted to evoke a biblical, almost incantatory rhythm in the language.┬áThe text reads: “I will not be afraid of the dark. I will go forth like the lion, and see the light in the shadow, and fear no one.”

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