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Paintings in lipstick

Summer Jozi Butterflies

Joburg is alive with little white butterflies. Crowds of them are dancing across the city, from west to east, on their way to Mozambique. These are known as brown-veined whites Belenois aurota.

I often allude to butterflies in my paintings, so I decided to capture the feeling of late summer in Joburg – the intense green of kikuyu lawns and jacarandas, sparkling blue swimming pools, purple-blue agapanthus and hot pink bougainvillea.

I started out by choosing the colours – green and blue is difficult to come by in lipstick, so I use creme eyeshadow pencils instead.

First I add and mix the colour

Finally I draw in the butterflies with a ball point pen and an earbud and there you go: summer Jozi butterflies dancing across the city from east to west.


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