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Paintings in lipstick

The #SaartjieSelfie texts

In addition to the #SaartjieSelfie tweets, I decided to add my favourite quotations from the Chubby Vogue Divas. I like to think that if Saartjie were around today, she would have enjoyed dressing up for a photographer who allowed her to express herself to the world, rather than being an object of ridicule.

Here they are:

Being big is not a curse ..I always rock my make and lip stick and walk with big confidence and pride njenge intokazi eziqhenyayo ngomzimba wayo

I love myself as big and beautiful as I am and I know that I am more sexy then other thin ladies.

Being sexy is an attitude and with the right attitude you can conquer the world.

I love being big and so should you!!!

“Feel proud of your beautiful curves. Even if you have scars, they don’t change the person you are.”

 thighs the size of the Universe

never knew that it was all this thickness and juiciness that attracted them without them even noticing how young I was.

I felt my body wasnt woman enough, u’Sdudla’ they would call me... Being young it would kill my self esteem.. But now I understand that beauty starts within, size doesn’t define a woman’s beauty…

I am a young lady with big dreams, so big that at times I stop for a moment and laugh so hard imagining the day my dreams spring into reality.

I am isiDudla,uMapakisha, ngiphethe I reverse yomhlaba and I am beautiful.

I am a phenomenal, confident and bold woman that loves the way she looks and proud of her self. I will never allow anyone to discriminate me.

Chubby means : A healthy Muntu wesifazane omnyama,normal human being who is capable of greater things.

I added a comment of my own once I’d written everybody else’s words into the paint:

Saying that I am beautiful does not make me beautiful. I have none of the confidence or poise of these women.  I envy their ability to say nice things about themselves. 

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