Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

I will not be afraid

These paintings are all linked by a theme of gender and gender-based violence.   A lot of my work addresses gender-based themes by default: if the medium is the message, […]


This was an exhibition waiting to happen. The moment I heard the word “fire pool” back in December 2013, I thought: I want to paint that. I work predominantly in […]

The Nguni Series

Think pop art meets 18th century English farm animal portraits meets 19th century naturalists’ notebooks meets social history. There’s a certain irony in placing cattle in a cityscape, but then […]

Car City: A love triangle

The car I drive originally catalysed all of this art through the Pulse of the City campaign, and continues to inspire it in other ways. When I am looking for […]

Swimming at Night

During the summer months over the past three years I have swum in my parents’ pool in the evenings. From the water I could see the city to the south. […]

The Cityscape Series

The cityscapes are paintings not so much of Johannesburg itself but how I feel about the place where I have spent most of my life. I’m a child of the […]

The Zoo City Series

Lauren Beukes’ award-winning science fiction novel Zoo City has exerted a strong influence on my work. Set in Hillbrow, the zoo city of the title, it features characters mysteriously attached […]