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#JoziTweetArt needs a good home

Two months ago I ran a campaign called #JoziTweetArt inviting people to tweet about Johannesburg. The idea was that I’d collect the tweets, write them into one of my works and donate all the proceeds to Home of Hope.


The work into which all of those tweets was written nearly sold last week (the buyer who was interested opted for a rhino instead). So to date, it’s still available. Since I’ve sold more than two thirds of the exhibition, I’m hoping I can sell it before the exhibition closes on Saturday afternoon. To date, if all the buyers who reserved work pay the gallery, and I get paid, I’ll be able to donate R3,000 to Home of Hope. If I’m able to sell both the #JoziTweetArt work, Janus-burg, and the painting I did for the Range Rover Facebook fans, I’ll be able to make that R5,000 – a nice round figure that will make a real difference.

Range Rover painting

I’ve dropped the price on both, so they’re a lot more affordable than even the other smaller pieces. ┬áSelling them before the exhibition closes on the 28th would be a way to end an extraordinary month on a high note. If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet and you’re in Joburg over the next couple of days, come on over to Velo. It’ll be worth it (I promise).


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