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My official exhibition video

My dear friend and diehard Stevie Nicks fan Malcolm Lennox has been an important part of my first exhibition. I’ve known him for nearly 20 years – ever since 1993 when I met him at Orientation Week at Wits University (I recall saying rude things about smokers). We got involved in student politics – I designed plenty of political posters over the years – and we’ve been friends ever since. Malcolm was the first person ever to receive one of my lipstick paintings back in 2003, and a month ago, I presented him with a personalised cityscape as a thank you gift.

Malcolm is an advocate who often has coffee at Velo (which is across the roads from the Labour Court), and he was the one who introduced me to the owners. So without him, this exhibition would never have happened. As if helping to catalyse all of this wasn’t enough, Malcolm has spent every Saturday morning of July bringing over friends to see the work.

Last Saturday he filmed scenes of me in the gallery, and this is the video he put together this week. I think it’s brilliant (I love the soundtrack and the shots of the hipsters). If you couldn’t make the actual exhibition, this will give you a good idea:

Sarah Britten Pulse of the City

Thank you Malcolm for being such a good friend. I hate watching footage of myself – I battle to read my own writing in print or listening to the sound of my own voice on radio – but this wasn’t too painful 😉

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