Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

Putting up the work

First paintings up

Who knew? There are specialist picture hangers who handle exhibitions – which is a relief, because I’m terrible at hammering in nails. Here’s Tau putting up Electric Storm I and II, the largest of my works (both A1 and very heavy):

Electric Storm goes up

Apologies for the slightly out of focus images – my iPhone was clearly a little bit out of sorts on Sunday. It does give you an idea of size though. Here is Tau again, this time putting up my small cityscapes and Ngunis. He’s a dab hand with a spirit level:

Tau puts up my Ngunis

This is a view of Velo from above. I love this space for its high ceilings and its simplicity – there’s little to compete with the art, which helps it to stand out:

Gallery view from above

It took 4 hours, but Pulse of the City is finally up. Now it’s just a matter of finalising the exhibition notes, printing and gluing them onto board, cutting them – I already have a craft knife callous – and putting them all up.

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