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The pink rhino

Pink Rhino

My Nguni cattle paintings are inspired in part by the work of Andy Warhol. The other day my aunt told me she wanted a painting of a pink rhino, and I got to thinking: would the same approach work for rhinos? So I hauled out my lipsticks – black, purple, gun metal grey and pink. One of the pink lipsticks was a gift from BizCommunity’s Simone Puterman, who ordered a whole bunch of them for me from Mr Price Online; the other a Revlon shade procured by Oresti Patricios of Odd Cafe. (Oresti normally doesn’t hook women up with lipstick, but he made an exception for me.) Ideally this is the first of a series of four, each in a different and wildly inappropriate colour:

Pink Rhino

I’ll photograph the new work in better light when I get the opportunity, but in the mean time, this gives you an idea of what a pink rhino looks like. In case, you know, you were ever wondering or something.

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