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Paintings in lipstick

Whale sketch

Persephone in the underworld

Right now I’m working on a commission for a psychologist, a triptych inspired by the myth of Persephone and drawing on the style I used in my Swimming at Night series. She has specifically asked for the colours blue and turquoise, because these represent the unconscious, and this is something of a challenge because blue lipstick is difficult to impossible to come by. Months ago I invested in a couple of 3 in 1 pencils for lips/eyes/face for another brief, and this afternoon I spent some time working with them.

This sketch of whales is one of today’s experiments. The pink is unintentional – the purple I use stains the board when I try to knock it back, so I’m going to need to find a technical solution if I attempt this again.

Whale Sketch

This is what I love about commissions though – that in trying to find a solution for a client, I’m being challenged to extend myself out of my comfort zone and try something different.


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