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16 days of action

With the work for Kipling in Johannesburg done (watch this space for more updates – the work goes up tomorrow), I’m now onto the work for a celebrity art auction to raise funds for Laywers Against Abuse in late November, to coincide with 16 days of activism on no violence against women and children. 

This is the first image. Unfortunately my iPhone is pretty hopeless at reading subtle variations in colour – the work looks very much more interesting and complex in the flesh. It’s quite large, A2, and (I hope) impactful, which means this small image on your screen does it no justice at all.

16 days of action

But this does give a sense of the approach, which combines images of women and children with elements from the natural world as well as relevant texts. Here, I’ve echoed the outstretched arms of the laughing child with the wings of the secretary bird/ phoenix from our national coat of arms. The child stands on selected quotes from the Bill of Rights, which should protect her – but are only meaningful if organisations like Lawyers Against Abuse get the funding they need.

We’re awaiting confirmation of details, including a corporate sponsor, and I’ll be telling you more about this once we have everything bedded down. Closer to the time, I’ll post more of the paintings to go on auction. Each one will explore the battle to protect the rights of women and children against the backdrop of stories of the women and children that Lawyers Against Abuse has helped.


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