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Springboks vs Wallabies

I’ve tackled sporting subjects as experiments before, such as this depiction of a Sharks vs Stormers match:

the Lions:

The Lions

and this pink Blue Bull:

so when the Springboks defeated the Wallabies 31-8 at Loftus this evening, thus ensuring that a significant percentage of my fellow South Africans are in a good mood, I thought I’d whip up a quick sketch to mark the occasion:

Springboks vs wallabies

The paint is very fresh so there’s a little bit of reflection. As with all of my work bar a couple of exceptions, all of this is for sale. So if you’re looking for something different for yourself or for someone in your life who loves sport, I’m more than happy to take commissions.

A note on wallabies: This is the first springbok and the first wallaby I’ve tackled (no pun intended). I encountered a couple of wallabies during my time in Sydney – they’re very cute and their front paws are like hands, which makes them more endearing – dare I say it – than our little bokkies, so many of whom end up as biltong. Wallabies, if you were wondering, are smaller relatives of the kangaroo, but are not a distinct group. The word “wallaby” ┬áis from the Eora Aboriginal language, source of many other words in use for Australian fauna today.


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