Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick


This is a painting for all of the people who have helped me in some way on this journey.

My Heart is Filled with Gratitude


Thank you to Kim Mazabow, who loved what she saw on Facebook and gave me the courage to keep trying.

Thank you also to my good friend Advocate Lennox, who introduced me to Velo and brought so many friends along on those Saturdays in July.

To Nick and Stefania of Velo who agreed to exhibit my work.

To Raymond, Ntombi and Colson of Design Frame Studio who have mounted and framed my work so beautifully. (Thank you again to Kim for introducing us.)

To Sheetal Vallabh, who wandered into the framers, loved my shark and led me to Lawyers Against Abuse. (And who still patiently waits for her commissioned triptych for her consulting rooms.)

To Lulu Ndevu and Kerry Evans of Estée Lauder.

To Roland Reid, Lesego Phiri and Elizna du Toit of Land Rover.

To Simone Puterman, editor at large of Bizcommunity.

To Mam Khanyi of Home of Hope.

To Christina and Oresti Patricios of OddCafe.

To Charles Drewe of the Rand Club.

And Shane and Matt of The Eatery.

To my parents, who put up with lipstick paintings drying all over their house (and a few lipstick stains too).

To Alan, Jessica, Peter, Fiona, Stuart, Aliki, Lizle, Juan and Andre, Martha, Pam, Craig, Francoise, Louise, Gary, Karabo, Carolyn and Brian, James, Cynthia, Justin, Penny, Lisa, Bruce, Hayley, Jackie and Neville, Lionel, Karabo (yes, there’s more than one), Bruno, Beige, Larry, Claire, Donna, Darren, Dan, David, Melanie and so many others.

To all the people I’ve connected with in some way through all of this: thank you.


Doing what I do can get very lonely. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.




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