Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

The Crazy Cow

I need to link to an image of the crazy cow I painted for my divorsary in 2013, so here’s a post two years out of date. November 6 has […]

Akabeko in Africa

Akabeko is a legendary red cow from the Aizu region in Japan. Given my love of painting Nguni cattle in lipstick colours, she made the perfect subject for my exhibition […]

The London Bull

Earlier this year, I was commissioned by a couple who live in London to paint a wedding gift. They requested an Nguni bull in a London cityscape for their lounge […]

Happy Divorsary

November 6 is the anniversary of my divorce, or as I like to call it, my divorsary.  On that day in 2009, a judge in the South Gauteng High Court […]

The Bride Price

This painting is for the Laywers Against Abuse Charity Art Auction which takes place on September 16 at Stephen Welz and Co in Rosebank. Last year we held the very […]

A New Red Bull

Quite a few people expressed their disappointment when I announced that my Red Bull was sold on Saturday before going on exhibit, but all is not lost. I have done […]

The Pink Blue Bull

When the Vodacom Blue Bulls released their screaming pink away kit in February this year, there were plenty of raised eyebrows and comparisons to certain brands of household cleaner. At […]