Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

A cloud of words

I love word clouds. They have an arty quality all of their own, and since I incorporate written words into my work, I see parallels between images like this and […]

My launch with Range Rover

None of the Pulse of the City art would exist without Land Rover, the brand which quite literally inspired it. So it was only appropriate that I should hold a […]

Putting up the work

Who knew? There are specialist picture hangers who handle exhibitions – which is a relief, because I’m terrible at hammering in nails. Here’s Tau putting up Electric Storm I and […]

Swimming at Night

During the summer months over the past three years I have swum in my parents’ pool in the evenings. From the water I could see the city to the south. […]


Of all the work up at the Pulse of the City exhibition, this is probably the most personally significant to me. The Swimming at Night paintings come close, but as […]

I’m being framed

A frame can make or break a painting and determine whether or not it sells. I’m fortunate to have found framers who offer superb service, excellent value for money and […]