Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

Wanted: Your Words

I am working on a new art project and, this August,  I need the help of other women. I paint with lipstick. It’s a medium that is intimately associated with […]


I’m holding a 40th birthday party at the end of August. It’s a depressing number, even terrifying, and I reckon that the best way to deal with it is to […]

The nakedness of art

Art is terrifying. To put your art out there on display in the world, and to place a price on it, is to ask the world to love you, and […]


Lots of things inspire me to paint. A feeling, a sky. Birds. A view. The suck and sigh of the sea as it meets rock. Fish quivering beneath the ripples.


This is a painting for all of the people who have helped me in some way on this journey.   Thank you to Kim Mazabow, who loved what she saw […]

How I started painting hearts

Yes, it’s unbelievably girly I know. But I like painting hearts. The first time I ever attempted a heart was after I got dumped by a post-divorce boyfriend. I was […]

#JoziTweetArt needs a good home

Two months ago I ran a campaign called #JoziTweetArt inviting people to tweet about Johannesburg. The idea was that I’d collect the tweets, write them into one of my works […]

On selling Panic to an Australian

Australia only features in one of the paintings on exhibition, but the ghost of it is everywhere. So it made perfect sense that yesterday a man should wander into the […]