Sarah Britten Art

Paintings in lipstick

Wanted: Your Words

I am working on a new art project and, this August,  I need the help of other women. I paint with lipstick. It’s a medium that is intimately associated with […]

A birthday card

Sometimes, painting in lipstick isn’t practical. It takes a while to dry and needs mounting, so it isn’t suitable for birthday cards. This is one I did for a 21st […]

The nakedness of art

Art is terrifying. To put your art out there on display in the world, and to place a price on it, is to ask the world to love you, and […]

Summer Jozi Butterflies

Joburg is alive with little white butterflies. Crowds of them are dancing across the city, from west to east, on their way to Mozambique. These are known as brown-veined whites […]

Trying something new

I’ve always fantasised about burning my own work. Call it the prerogative of the artist to destroy his or her own creations. I had every intention of burning a painting […]

Trapped and bound

Nobody who has not experienced clinical depression can understand what it is like. I have friends who have a mood disorder, and we have an understanding in a way that […]


I have good days, and I have bad days. The last couple of days have been bad, and it’s that familiar feeling – as if the scaffolding of one’s self […]